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Introductions of Our Group


Institute of Chemical Engineering and Olefin Polymerization belongs to State Key Laboratory of Chemical Engineering and UNILAB of Zhejiang University.

UNILAB was established by Zhejiang University and Sinopec Group in 1983, growing out of the Chemical Reaction Engineering Staff Room founded in 1971.


Address: Room 4001-4012, Teaching Building 10#, Yuquan Campus, Zhejiang University, 38# Zheda Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, 310027, P.R. China
Telephone: 0571-87951227
Fax: 0571-87951227


    21/7/2017: Dr. Liao won “I&EC Research Distinguished Author Award”

    16/3/2017: A delegation from Exxon Mobile Research & Engineering (EMRE) visit our group for signing an agreement on fundamental researches on gas-liquid-solid three-phase moving bed reactor.

    2/12/2016: Our group won the second prize of national technological innovation in 2016. Congratulations!

    13/9/2016: A delegation from Exxon Mobile Research & Engineering (EMRE) visit our group for possible research cooperation.

    31/8/2016: Prof. Yang gave keynote speech on PRES conference.

    27/7/2016: Xiaodong presented his research work on PSE ASIA conference in Tokyo.

    10/3/2016: A delegation from DuPont-Shanghai Branch visit our group for possible cooperation.

    1/10/2016: Prof. Wang won the National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars. Congratulations!

    29/10/2015: The secretary general of K. T. Li foundation for the development of science and technology visit us & gave a lecture.

    16/10/2015: Prof. Yang gave a keynote speech in the 8th Sino-American conference on chemical engineering. The speech titled: “Progress on olefin polymerization process technology in China”.

    15/10/2015: Senior R&D officer from SINOPEC visit us & give a lecture.

    13/4/2015: Prof. Zhibing Zhang from university of Birmingham visit us & give a lecture.

    1/1/2015: Dr. Sun was awarded “Newton scholar” and scholarship. Congratulations! She will carry out works in the UK for the next two years.

    In December 2011, the young teachers and PhD candidates in our group went to the production line in Anqing, Qingdao, Beijing and Tianjin,discussing on various research projects with academicians, engineers and factory front-line technical staff.

    Reports: CFD Simulation and Experiments, of the Dynamic the Parameters in Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed written by Sun Jingyuan has been published in the top international chemical journals Chemical Engineering Science. The work firstly applied spectrum analysis and turbulence theory to the fluidized bed CFD simulation , used the flat factor to describe intermittent turbulent energy dissipation in multiphase flow and revealed the role of deeper mechanism of gas-solid fluidized bed. Another article written by the candidate CFD Simulation and Wavelet Transform Analysis of the Vortex and Coherent Structure in a Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed will be published in Chemical Engineering Science. She firstly used computational fluid dynamics, continuous wavelet transform and wavelet autocorrelation combination to analyze the movement behavior of the particle vortex. And single-phase turbulent coherent structures and turbulence scaling law introduced to fluidized bed, which obtained initial application success.

    Newsletter: Co-funded by the State Scholarship Commission and the German Academic Exchange Center, three PhD candidates in our group, Zhou Yefeng, Dong Kezeng and Yan Lixia will go to Technische Universitat Ilmenau as exchange students in mid -November 2011. And they will do some research cooperating with Prof. Dr. Stapf and his group.

    Newsletter: October 14 - October 26, 2011, the PhD candidate in our group, Sun Jingyuan went to the United States to participate in the 11th AIChE Annual Meeting, where she did an academic report and had a discussion with domestic and foreign researchers during the meeting.

    Newsletter: August 25 - August 26 in 2011,Professor Siegfried Stapf from Technische Universitat Ilmenau visited our group. We conducted a discussion about Sino-German cooperative research projects (PPP), reviewed and summarized the research results of the 2010 PPP project, identified and developed the specific content and research plan of the 2011 PPP cooperation project,negotiated and got a consensus of the 2012 new PPP project. A teacher and three PhD candidates, co-funded by the National Scholarship Management Committee and the German Academic Exchange Service, will carry out do some research cooperating with Prof. Dr. Stapf and his group in October 2011.

    Newsletter: August 23, 2011, noticed by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Wang Jingdai, Jiang Binbo and Liao Zuwei were given projects and Youth Fund. They will conduct basic research in the field of fluidized multiphase flow reaction engineering, polymerization of ethylene and system engineering. Wang Jingdai: Process intensification and regulation of the micro environment of the fluidized bed gas phase polymerization device. Jiang Binbo: ethylene Ethylene in situ polymerization of composite catalyst design and regulation of bimodal polyethylene molecular structure. Liao Zuwei: hydrogen Hydrogen network integration with the core node and its operability regulation

    Newsletter: March 21, 2011, professor Wang Jingdai was selected in the 2010 Ministry of Education in the "new century talents support program". The program is the second-level of University “high-level creative talents plan”in personnel training and support system. It is a special talent support program, established by the Ministry of Education support colleague outstanding young academic leaders to carry out teaching reform, focusing on major national scientific and engineering problems, philosophy and social sciences, and international scientific and technological frontier for innovative research.This project focuses on and support the outstanding young academic leaders whose innovation and development potential are excellent.

    Newsletter: "Agglomeration detection based on the attractor comparison in horizontal stirred bed reactors by acoustic emission sensors”,written by PhD Cao Yijia and published in AIChE Journal was awarded second prize by Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Academic Award in 2010.

    Newsletter: After the recommendation of the relevant cities and organizations and the expert review, of the validation of Zhejiang New Century 151 Talent Project joint meeting, professor Wang Jingdai was elected as the second level training staff in Zhejiang New Century 151 Talent Project.

    December 23,2010, national key scientific and technological support project taken by our group:”, “3million tons per year gas-phase polyethylene technology development and industrial application”(2007BAF22B08) ,which is the subproject of “one million tons of ethylene equipment and related technology development” was accepted by Academician Cao Xianghong, head of inspection team of the Ministry of Science and Technology in Beijing.Our group’s R&D process monitoring package, acoustic emission monitoring system, electrostatic detector proprietary technology, were successfully used in the first set of domestic chemical plants. They guaranteed the success of device starting up , which became the landmark results of the area of polyolefin in China.

    Zhang Leiming took an internship in Dow Chemical Company and Tang Yueqi took an internship in Mitsui Chemical, Inc. – September, 2010.

    The national key project undertaken by the group, “The development and industrialization of packaged technology of gas phase polyethylene production, 300 thousands tons per year” passed the acceptance check. - September 1, 2010.

    Prof. Wang Jingdai and Liu Jun were elected to committee of All-China Youth Federation and attended the Eleventh Plenary Session of All-China Youth Federation conference. – August 23, 2010.

    The paper “Polyethylene/Palygorskite Nanocomposites: Preparation by in situ Polymerization and their Characterization” by Dr. Li Wei was accepted by Polymer. -August, 2010.

    Prof. Wang Jingdai was awarded the “Zhejiang Youth May 4th Medal” and attended the commending conference held by the Zhejiang provincial league committee. -April 21, 2010.

    Prof. Zhu Jingxu, from the department of Chemical Engineering and Biological Engineering in University of Western Ontario, visited our group and made a report entitled “The development and application of fluidization and particle technology”. Prof. Zhu is the academician of Canadian Academy of Engineering and the director of the particle technology center in Western Ontario.- March 27, 2010.

    Academician Wang Kuiqing and Academician Shu Xintian,from SINOPEC CORP. Research Institute of Petroleum Processing, visiedt our group.—September 28, 2009.

    The paper“Agglomeration detection based on attractor comparison in horizontal stirred bed reactors by acoustic emission sensors”by Dr. Cao Yijia and the paper“Characterization of flow regime transition and particle motion using acoustic emission measurement in a gas-solid fluidized bed”by Dr. Ren Congjing were published by AICHE Journal.- 2009.

    The application for PPP project was approved by the China Scholarship Council, Dr. Du Lijun and Dr. Shi Xiaomei will go to Technische Universität Ilmenau on October second for a three-months cooperative research.- August 7, 2009.

    Prof. Dr. Siegfried Stapf, from Technische Universität Ilmenau, visted the group and made a report entitled“Nuclear Magnetic Resonance applied to polymers and catalytic processes” Prof.Siegfried Stapf and the group also discussed the issues on the Sino-German scientific project (PPP project) and made the research program for this year. Supported by the China Scholarship Council and the German Academic Communication Center, one teacher and two doctoral candidate students in the group will go for a cooperative research in the group of Porf.Stapf in October. They are expected to work on the application of Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance technology to the structure research of polyolefine catalysts and polyofefine. –May 10, 2009.

    Funded by the China scholarship council, Prof. Wang Jingdai went to the Akron University in February 2009 for a one-year cooperative research program. During his visit in Akron, Porf. Wang conducted widely communication with Prof. Dr. Steven Chuang, Prof. Dr. Shaoyi Jiang, Academician Cheng Zhengdi, Prof. Dr. Shaoyi Jiang, Dr. Buyong Ma and computational quantum chemistry center in Universtiy of Georgia and reaches broad cooperation intention. Prof.Wang participated the United States Spring 2009 ACS Annual Meeting and communicated with Prof. Octave Levenspiel, one of founders of Chemical Reaction Engineering.

    Dr. Li Wenchang ,from MIT, visited the group and introduce the current development trend of information fusion and data mining in complicated process engineering.

    Dr. Li Jin, from University of Wisconsin, visited the group and made a report on the application of titanium dioxide catalyst in wastewater disposal and flue gas demercuration.-April 28, 2009.

    Prof. Yang Yongrong, Prof. Wang Jingdai and Dr. Yu Xianbo communicated with Prof. Xie Zaiku and related researchers on the collaborative project aided by the Chinese National Natural Science Foundation and petrochemical complex foundation. Prof. Xie is the president of Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical Technology.-August 3, 2008.

    Prof. Chen Wei visited the group. Prof. Chen is the senior researcher in Squibb and alumni of the group.-July 8, 2008.

    Prof. Wang Zizong,the deputy general manager and chief engineer of SEI, visited our group.

    Prof. Liao Guoqin,the general manager of PetroChina Lubricating Oil Company visited the group.-April 23, 2008.

    The collaborative project of the group and the Shanghai Petrochemical Plastic Factory ,“Study on the fluidized state in the vapor phase polymerizer of bimodal polyethylene” were awarded the second prize of Technology Progress in Chinese Petrochemical Industry.

    The New Year Party of the UNILAB was held in the lily hotel, 2007.

    Dr. Li Wei went to RWTH Aachen for the one-year cooperative research.

    Prof. Yang Yongrong made a report on the application of Pintch Technology in industry on the academic seminars held by the chemical industry and engineering society of Zhejiang.-December 2, 2007.

    Prof. Yang Yongrong visited the research institute of SINOPEC Yangzi Petrochemical Co., Ltd.-September 10, 2007.

    The Project of National science Foundation of China applied by Prof. Wang, “The design of microreactor and regulation of the structure of vinyl copolymer” was confirmed.-September 5, 2007.

    The project of National High Technology Research and Development Program 863,“Process intensification in Chemical reactions” applied by Prof. Wang passed the evaluation and is expected to receive 1million funds. –September 1, 2007.

    The SEI visited the group and Signed a memorandum of cooperation in the future.-August 28, 2007.

    Prof. Yang Yongrong was invited to the PSE ASIA 2007&PSE China 2007 and makde a report entitled” Strategy of grade transition in continuous polymerization process”-August 16, 2007.

    Prof. Dr.Dr.h.c. Bernhard Blümich, from RWTH Aachen, visited the group and signed the agreement of cooperation in the next two years.—August 4, 2007.

    The project from National Science Foundation of China and China petroleum and chemical corperation, “Fundamental researches on the key Scientific Issues in the preparation of low-carbon olefin catalyst and reaction engineering” passed the defense and was initiated. The project is undertaken by Zhejiang University, Huadong institute of technology and SINOPEC Shanghai Research Institute of Petroleum& Petrochemicals.-August 3, 2007.


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