Basic information:
Name: Shuangyin Wang
Born Date: 10/17/1983
Address: Room-1084, Dormity-9, Campus Yuquan, University of Zhejiang, HangZhou,PRC
Tel: +0086-13656659929
Educational Background:
B.S in Chemical Engineering and technology, University ofl Zhejiang, PRC
Sep’05-Sep’06  Educated as an exchange international student in Dept. of Biotechnology and Applied Chemistry, University of Fukui, Japan
Sep’02-Jul’05  Educated in Dept. of Chemical Enigineering and Biochemical Engineering, University of Zhejiang, PRC
Research Experience:    
November,2003---July.2004  Study on Synthesis 3-aminopyridine and its derivatives            In Institute of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Zhejiang University, China
Supervisor:  Prof. Dai LiYan   
September,2005---August 2006 The temperature-sensitive polymers: Poly(N-ethoxyethyl- acrylamide) and its copolymers studied by spectroscopy In Department of Biotechnological and Applied Chemistry, University of Fukui, Japan
Supervisor:  Prof. Yasushi Maeda
Awards and Honors
Awarded “A” student in University of Zhejiangl every year
Awarded   Excellent graduate student in University ofl Zhejiang